Getty Images Overview Abolitionism was a social reform effort to abolish slavery in the United States. A few weeks into the tour, the relentless pace and grueling conditions began to tell on Garrison. Art Resource, NY Angelina Grimk (Jeanine Serralles, audio):Can't you just stand here side-by-side with us? Massachusetts Historical Society Mrs. Grimk (Crystal Cupp):I ask you to leave him alone. Angelina Grimk (Jeanine Serralles, audio):"Respected Friend: It seems as if I was compelled at this time to address you. Seth Wood W. Caleb McDaniel, Historian:When Garrison receives Angelina Grimk's letter, he sees a Southern woman who is confirming everything that the abolitionists have been saying about slavery's evils. Michael Toland Abolitionists were baffled. He telegraphed ahead with instructions to destroy the contents of his desk. I love -- I, I what?". David W. Blight, Historian:The Mexican War unshucked slavery. The personal liberty laws set alarm bells ringing throughout the South. Mrs. Grimk (Crystal Cupp):Yes, Angelina, I have Christian feelings, and you are putting them to the test right now. Frederick Douglass (Richard Brooks):My mother was named Harriet Bailey. Dexter Wuest, Catering Brown, in simple, direct, powerful language, basically put his accusers on trial. Josh Mumford Narrator:With the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, the war merged with the abolitionist cause. Others thought it lunacy for a reform movement to ignore politics, or to insist that supporters refrain from voting. Narrator:John Brown was almost killed when the Marines stormed the engine house. Meanwhile, a few miles outside the city, anti-slavery activists marked the occasion in a very different spirit. Frederick Douglass (Richard Brooks):But how? Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College / Allen & Rowell How do you want the world to remember you? "Before this law, I might have tried to send him somewhere else," she wrote her sister. Narrator:Angelina Weld kept speaking as showers of stones pelted the windows. Finally, John Brown stood up and raised his right hand. Kevin Hershberger Frederick Douglass (Richard Brooks):You flatter me. By killing of five pro-slavery men, John Brown hoped to strike terror in the hearts of pro-slavery settlers in Kansas. Charles Wood Matt Nicholas Tony Horwitz, Author:What Brown has done, ultimately, is just to expose the depth of the divide between North and South. There are 13 LESSONS and a total of 29 FILES in, Immigrants & Reformers Unit: Lessons, Readings, Breakouts & Tests /Middle School, History is a complete social studies curriculum designed for middle school students of Early, History & Social Studies. He had once been a successful merchant and tanner, a good provider to his family. Have them prepare a brief speech stating their position on the views expressed in the debate. I feel that I owe it to the suffering slave, and the deluded master, to do all that I can to overturn a system built up upon the bodies of my countrymen, and cemented by the blood and sweat and tears of my sisters in bonds. Thomas ColemanShields Green Sir -- God has placed these mountains here for a reason. R. Blakeslee Gilpin, Historian:This guy's just led a raid to destroy slavery. Lincoln thought Garrison should have the honor of helping raise the flag over the re-conquered fortress. Amanda Bowens Kevin Burger But, some made it. In the face of personal risks beatings, imprisonment, even death abolitionists held fast to their cause, laying the civil rights groundwork for the future and raising weighty constitutional and moral questions that are with us still. "While I will continue to write and speak against slavery," Douglass wrote, "I have become less hopeful of its peaceful abolition. Add highlights, virtual manipulatives, and more. Sarah Lynn Dewey But for many abolitionists, Garrison's old tactics seemed hopelessly inadequate. But that was nothing compared with Frederick Douglass (Richard Brooks):It is never nothing. There will be a bloodbath John Brown (T. Ryder Smith):Without the shedding of blood, there's no remission of sin, Douglass. AnApographProductions Inc. Filmfor AMERICAN EXPERIENCE. A key is included to check for accuracy and to provide to Special Education students for diffe, NO PREP HISTORY Crossword Worksheet Activity Bundle, Year-Long Curriculum American History Social Studies EXPERIENCING HISTORY, Experiencing History: Year-Long Curriculum, The Abolitionists - All 3 Episodes - Worksheets and Keys PDF & Digital Bundle, The Abolitionists American Experience - Viewing Guide Questions BUNDLE. The mountains are full of natural fords. It was the first time he could walk into any public establishment and not have someone kick him out. The greeting that they would give you is almost impossible for me to express. John Brown put little stock inabolition through peaceful means. Post Production Sound Services Kristen Barry Tony Horwitz, Author:He stands up without notes and gives one of the greatest speeches in American history. Narrator:With the outbreak of war, abolitionists faced a daunting new challenge: convincing the president and skeptical Northerners that the conflict was not about preserving the old Union, but ending slavery. John Brown (T. Ryder Smith):The pleasure is ours, Mr. Douglass. It was an indwelling spirit inside of him that constantly thought about making God's will come into being on this earth. Narrator:Edward Covey was a farmer back on Maryland's eastern shore who traded on his reputation as a slave breaker. You're beautiful. I feel, my Theodore, that we are the two halves of one whole, two bodies animated by one soul, and that the Lord has given us to each other. Matt Snedecor, Assistant Sound Editor Terms of Use: This document is for personal use only and may only be used by the original purchaser. By the winter of 1845, Frederick Douglass had been touring the anti-slavery circuit for four years. Madison Bay Company Garrison himself woke one morning to find a gallows on his front lawn. Carol Berkin, Historian:The leaders of the movement are on the stage, and as they're speaking, as they're holding their meeting, they begin to hear noise outside, and the noise grows and grows and grows. Sound Effects/Dialogue Editor Narrator:In the fall of 1829, Grimk resolved to leave Charleston and the pollutions of slavery, for an uncertain future in the North. William Lloyd Garrison (Neal Huff, audio):My Dear Wife: Is it not strange that Douglass has not written a single line to me since he left me on a bed of illness? Narrator:Douglass took hope in Lincoln's candidacy, and publicly endorsed him. They proposed printing 20 to 50,000 pamphlets a week, and mailing them to ministers, elected officials, and newspaper editors in each state, especially in the South. The only thing in the American economy worth more as simply a financial asset was the land itself, and no one really quite knows how to value North America. It was one of the contentious differences between the North and South that led to the Civil War. Although, curriculum is inquiry-based, lessons are full of engaging, participatory, hands-on learning experiences. On the 21st of May, 1856, a posse of 800 Southerners surrounded the free soil capital of Lawrence, Kansas. I am in earnest -- I will not equivocate -- I will not excuse -- I will not retreat a single inch -- and I WILL BE HEARD. Jaizelle Hanna-Stendardo Should Douglass's owners want to reclaim their property, he warned, there was nothing anyone could do to protect him. We sit here, all of us, debating this point of law, whether the Constitution says this or that, and in the meantime, day after day, year after year, the slaveholders are free to do their worst. First Assailant (Actor):Well, well, here's our little rabbit. There is "a class of professed abolitionists in Cincinnati," she wrote, but they are "unfashionable" and are "regarded as a species of moral mono-maniacs.". Now, I would like to introduce to you a graduate from the "peculiar institution." They vowed to spread the anti-slavery gospel to every city, town, and village, and they agreed to use what they called "moral suasion" to convert slaveholders to the cause. The Isenburg Collection at AMC Toronto Each Google Slide/PowerPoint is a stand-alone lesson, refined over many years to provide students with a wide spectrum of learning experiences. Anne Chapman A whole year was pressed into a single day. Sheldon King Angelina Grimk (Jeanine Serralles, audio):I saw slavery in the city, among the fashionable and the honorable. Film Delaware Lena Drobot In Charleston, 3,000 people destroyed anti-slavery materials, and then burned Garrison in effigy. Narrator:The Grimks quickly found themselves at the center of a storm. Kathryn Stephens He traveled around the Northeast, gathering a handful of allies among white reformers, but not enough to support his venture. He was a fugitive. It's like a family quarrel where they're airing each other's dirty laundry, and it's not a pretty sight. You have restored them to me, as you have restored other mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. Mrs. Grimk (Crystal Cupp):I've told you before, dear -- that's Henry's business. He ignored the warnings. How can you stand in church every week Mrs. Grimk (Crystal Cupp):You must let it be! Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum Grimk set about writingAn Appeal to the Women of the South, urging them to work for the downfall of slavery. Steven Hurwitz When he left London to return home in the spring of 1847, 1,400 people came to see him off. Narrator:In the spring of 1838, Angelina and Theodore's friends received a wedding invitation adorned with an engraving of a slave in chains. All the feds are now scouring the country for Frederick Douglass. Robert Chase Frederick Douglass (Richard Brooks):Mr. Garrison, you must understand how unexpected this is. William Lloyd Garrison (Neal Huff, audio):Our measures shall be the opposition of moral purity to moral corruption, the destruction of error by the potency of truth, the overthrow of prejudice by the power of love, and the abolition of slavery by the spirit of repentance. But John Brown's long and bloody struggle was just beginning. Finally, near midnight, a messenger rushed onto the stage. William Lloyd Garrison (Neal Huff, audio):I have labored unremittingly to effect the peaceful abolition of slavery by an appeal to the reason and conscience of the slaveholder. Boston Athenaeum Northerners and Southerners had come to believe that the nation's destiny would be determined there, as new territories were admitted to the Union as either slave or free states. Buy the entire bundle for only $2.98. The petitions, the campaigns, the rallies, the marches, the meetings and resolutions and fundraisers, the mobs, the beatings -- all of the sacrifices had been suddenly dealt away by a handful of men in Washington. Narrator:Frederick Douglass's faith in America had endured through 20 years of slavery, and 20 years of fruitless struggle. Jamieson Colgate Client Protective Services, Inc. As fate would have it, he had come upon the new home of Harriet Beecher Stowe and her family, including a newborn named after the baby they had buried in Cincinnati. 2b. You may NOT electronically post this product online including to teacher blogs, classroom websites or school networks. It was an immediate and an immense bestseller. As he dressed for a prayer meeting a few days after the killing, John Brown knew what God meant for him. For Garrison, it was yet more proof that the Republic itself had been corrupted at birth, its original sin implanted in a founding document written largely by slaveholders. (Enter your ZIP code for information on American Experience events and screening in your area.). Narrator:Frederick Douglass returned home alone. Garrison was making powerful enemies. The experience would change his life. Narrator:Frederick Douglass and Angelina Grimk lived at opposite poles of one of the largest slave societies in history. William Kaffenberger There, he could carry on Garrison's campaign to isolate the South, by urging Britons to cut ties with American slaveholders. taxi taormina to castelmola, lemon flummery recipe mary berry,