She finally admits that she doesn't want Lou to leave and that Scott would agree since he's in love with her. [404], A young couple finds a horse in difficulty who needs care. Amy tells her she doesn't believe the stories and goes in anyway, unknown to her she's being watched. At Maggie's Ben is bragging to her and Soraya that he got Nick to coach him, when Ashley arrives and overhears. 'Heartland' Actor Robert Cormier Dies at Age 33: 'He Was Always Looking to Achieve More' Cormier died on Friday, according to his obituary. "Robert, I am so thankful I was able to get to know you and work alongside you. She also tells Amy that her mum told her about Mark and what happened to his brother. She starts working with Ghost and Caleb tells her women can't gentle mustangs only men can because of their dominant size and smell. (The Fix), Amy and Ty try not to make a big deal about him leaving tomorrow for university. When Jack ends up in hospital after the barn fire she realizes how much Jack means to her and very relieved when he's going to be OK. Ty asks who Mr. Hanley is, Amy, Mallory, Soraya and Ashley tell him the ghost story of The Hanley Place. He tells her that he was perfect but caught the rope around his wrist and could hear the snap from the stands. Amy and Ty arrive back at Heartland, to the surprise of Jack and Lou, she tells them they followed a Bedford Oil plough. Heartland 's lead character is Amy Fleming, who has been played by Amber Marshall in every episode of the series. She feels that her family thinks she is incapable of working with horses because she is pregnant. (Letting Go), Amy jumps Storm in the Spring Schooling and comes in 3rd, she's elated and Tim persuades her to join the A-Circuit and jump at the next level jumping every weekend, she agrees but seems unsure. Amy works with Apollo again, when Ashley arrives asking what happened between her and Val. She leaves and tries working with Prince some more, when he sees a mare in the next field he charges Ty to get through. When Ty's preparing to leave for university, Amy knows she's going to miss him a lot and starts to worry about their relationship with the distance. Amy tells Ty about what happened with Ashley and her thanks, Ashley telling her she's going to beat her at the Fall Finale. Amy instantly regrets that she said she didn't want Lou to leave. Amy is terrified of what could happen to Jack and Ty ties to comfort her. Lou rushes home and shows everyone her advert on TV for the Hudson Derby she plans to run to gain money for Mrs. Bell's lawyer. The next day, they take Dexter to the racetrack, being watched by Lisa and her jockey Liam, when her phone vibrates Dexter spooks when she notices Lisa and runs after her. In the barn, Ty asks Amy if she's ok and she tells him she feels silly for letting the place get to her. Mindy talks to Amy and asks to ride Pegasus, she tells her she can't as he's old and needs to get better. She goes into the kitchen and Lou complains about not hearing from Peter she teases Amy about her and Ty being so close when her and Peter are so far apart. Season 14 begins with a sad and somber tone, revealing that the bullet struck Ty as he heroically jumped in front of Amy to save her. Amy and Lou chat and Amy convinces her to finish the crash course, going for a trail ride. They find a cow in the front yard, Jack tells her it's Stumpy's brand so she takes it back to his field. Contents 1 Season 1 2 Relationships The next morning, Mallory tells Amy and Ty that they can have a break and will watch Merlin, Amy goes to get Spartan ready for a ride but Ty wants to stay. Amy talks to Ty about having the place to themselves tomorrow, he offers to make them dinner when Caleb interrupts them. Following the news, Heartland's official Instagram account paid tribute to the late star. At Heartland she fills everyone in on what's happened, while they try to comfort and reassure her. In episode 518 a mysterious horse arrives at Heartland, Amy and Ty are sent in a direction that will change their lives. Amber Marshall. Amy is further upset when Ty takes a job as a part-time stable hand at the racetrack for five mornings a week, she tries to convince him that he can do more around Heartland but he also thinks it would benefit them to have some time away from each other. Amy tries to apologise but Lisa tells her that she expects this from Tim but not her, and eaves hurt. The owner of the horse doesn't have much money to pay for the reeducation so Amy proposes a deal. Amy finds Ty at the auction house and is angry he left without her, when he realizes she's not leaving they agree to go together. Amy attends Pegasus' memorial with everyone. Amy takes Taylor to see Trooper, she talks to her about whether or not she actually wants to ride again. Suddenly Mallory starts to hide behind her menu when her friend that had cancelled their plans walks in with the popular group from school. Amy agrees to teach her after Mallory's training is over, but that is not good enough for Georgie. Amy pulls away explaining that she doesn't want things to change between them. At Maggie's Amy tells Soraya about her dinner with Ty but gets nervous. As they're driving back into Heartland they are amazed to see their friends and neighbors helping to re-build the burnt down barn. Yes, Amy does find love after Ty, her new love interest looks to be Sam Langston. Ty and Amy are out with the horses, when she tries to saddle Daisy she notices that she's sweating a lot and they call Scott. She finds him golfing and convinces her to try, she's no good. Lou kicks Mallory out to talk to Amy, she tells her about what Lisa did, giving her information to a guy and they have been messaging and isn't sure whether to meet him or not. After giving it some thought she tells her she does. Amy and Ty watch Merlin getting used to other horses when he tells her he's accepted the job at the racetrack for more money for school and gives them a bit of time away from each other, Amy supports him but is disappointed. Mallory again tries to get a picture but is told to go away. Since her accident, her list of customers has decreased, but Amy still succeeds in finding horses to treat. Victor's out golfing when Amy appears and starts asking what the relationship was between him and Marion, he tells her that they were more than friends once. Amy see's Jack as a father figure, since Tim wasn't around. When she places a butterfly in a jar on the grave she realises she's the farmer's daughter from the story. Tara tells them that he gets wound up sometimes because of his stepdad. As they start talking about horses and jumping they start to become more comfortable around each other. She tries again with Ghost who charges her knocking her over, Ty helps her and tells her that they need to do what's best for Ghost and let him go. Caleb asks Amy out on Saturday when she sees Ghost again near Heartland, she tells him about him and gets his help to rope him and put him in the pen. To Amy's own surprise, when Lou has the opportunity to go back to New York, she admits she doesn't want her to go. Amy tells him she misses her and sometimes still expects to see her in the barn. (After the Storm), Amy finds Pegasus late at night, he doesn't look very well so calls Scott over to check him out. The next day, Amy coaches Val, who this time listens to her suggestions. The girls all wave off the guys as they head off for a weekend fishing trip. Amy tells Victor her plans for Daisy but begins to doubt herself. He also acts a lot as peace maker between Lou and Amy when they start arguing. he admits that he's worried about about being like his dad, she convinces him he's not because he came back. Amy will then sing a very moving song. Amy, Ty, Soraya, Mallory, Val, Jack and Lou all watch Caleb on tv at his rodeo, they all watch in horror as he's slammed into the railings and falls unconscious before collapsing to the ground. Georgie becomes the owner of Phoenix through her brother Jeff! She tells them all about how she and Ty lived together, in a group home, so Amy leaves to check on Sugarfoot. When he realizes she doesn't have a bill of sale he tells her there's nothing he can do and Wes takes Spartan. Amy convinces Ben to go on a trail ride with her, she sees that Red is scared of water and doesn't like how Ben treats him. And Georgie gets surprising news that Lou and peter want to adopt her On the way back, the trio gets into a car crash due to a landslide. Amy rides over to Caleb's Trailer for dinner, but when she see's Ashley and Caleb together she decides to eave. Amy sees Caleb and is annoyed that he's spending all his time checking Tim's cattle when he should be working on the ranch, he kisses her. She starts jumping with Storm again with Tim coaching her. At Maggie's, Ashley tells everyone that she heard Mr. Hanley went crazy murdered his wife and her body is stored upstairs, Amy defends him and tells them that he's eccentric but isn't a murderer. Amy gets upset when Lou suggests the idea of selling off land to help with re-payments. At Maggie's they talk about Diva and Caleb brags about him making the difference. When she learns he's close by she can't build up the nerve to see him yet. On the bus, Soraya and Ashley tease her about how loved up they are. She hears the rustlers and one of them spooks Spartan causing him to bolt while he points a gun at Amy. [Episode 501]. Amy suggests she get doubled instead and Mindy suggests Amy do it. Amy later goes back to find Ty to see his loft completely empty with his cowboy hat and a letter left for Amy, she's heartbroken he's gone. You left us far too soon, but I promise you will always be remembered. Later, Amy and Ty talk and realize that Wes stole Spartan and bought him back so that he legitimately owns him, they tell Jack but he believes it's just a theory. (Rising from Ashes), Amy and Spartan are competing in the Hudson Show, coming in 2nd but disappointed that Tim didn't come. After Ty shows up, he uses his relationship with Amy to goad Ty and make him jealous. In Season 16, Amy ( Amber Marshall ) and the rest of the family making bold . Amy succeeds in returning to the team and is forced to get on the horse to escape So she overcomes this fear of riding and gets back to her work, because she could not even saddle Spartan. But they are both safe and sound! She agrees to pick her up tomorrow and leaves annoyed when Amy says she's tested her out on the barrells and was great.